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Jason Boone        
Owner and Founder

Q - What is a radius map anyway?

A - Many first time permit applicants wonder what a radius map is and why they're being required to submit one with their project.  Simply put, a radius map shows parcels or lots, with the subject property in the center.  There will be a circle or radius drawn to a specified distance from the borders of the subject parcel-often 300', 500', or 1000'.  Every parcel that falls within that radius is required to be given notice of the proposed project.  Some jurisdictions only require that property owners are notified, while others ask for both owners, as well as residential and commercial occupants.  Typically, they will ask that the applicant provide mailing labels that include every property owner and occupant (if required) within the specified radius.  They then use these labels to send out notices alerting neighbors of your proposed project, giving them an opportunity to voice their support or opposition if they so choose.  Click here to see what a radius map for a Conditional Use Permit for the City of LA looks like. 



Most applicants don't have the time or the know-how to prepare the radius maps and notification packages by themselves.  That's when they turn to a company like us.  I have been helping applicants fulfill their public notification requirements since 2005.  The entitlement process is complicated enough, and the last thing you need is for your application to be delayed due to incomplete or incorrect information.  We combine GIS data with sophisticated mapping and editing software to create accurate, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing maps per your project's specific requirements.  We subscribe to property databases that are constantly updated in order to provide the most accurate ownership, and where required, occupant labels to accompany the radius maps.  We are familiar with the nuances of local jurisdictions, and make sure we provide you with exactly what your project requires, helping you get your application submitted and your project approved!  But just because we provide top quality work doesn't mean we charge top dollar.  Our prices are constantly among the lowest, and we can usually beat or match any written quote you might get from a competitor.  Let us put our expertise to work for you.  Call or email today for a free quote, and let's get your project started on the right track!


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